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adam is being such an asshole to kris. hope jeff can be a friend to kris and make this easier for him but I feel like he may be trouble :-)

This is just the beginning,bb:)
we'll see if Jeff brings trouble or not in later chaps.

I really want to slap Adam a few times to make him see what an ass he's being to Kris. I like Jeff so far...lets hope it stays that way. I'm so hooked on this my dear and I can't wait for the next chapter. More soon!!!

As I've always say, you might want to save the slapping for later chapters:)
Thanks for reading,bb:)

lol, Adam's gonna be so pissed when he sees that Kris and Jeff get along.
Also Adam is so much nicer when he is drunk, can you give him some Vodka?
I wonder what his deal is, do we find out?

of course we would eventually find out about Adam...and Jeff too:) I think he's just horny when he's drunk,lol
Thanks, babe:)

Why the short chapter, bb?!?! :D jk I really could get lost in this all day...it's only the second mpreg I've read....the first one had very little to do with the story line....so this is the first one I count!!

I like Jeff so far, he seems really nice and goodness knows Kris could use a friend right now! I hope Adam gets nicer, he must have had something bad happen to him along the way or he could just be a diva...that sees they error of his ways??!! Can't wait for more!!!!!!!! <333

I know it's really short, it would eventually get longer with coming chapters:)

''he must have had something bad happen to him along the way or he could just be a diva...''


Will Jeffrey Lambert be the apple of Kris' eye? He does have the good Lambert charm as well as smarts. Adam is such a freaking tool! He needs to man up and stop being a bitch!

or Kris could be the apple of Jeff's eyes? who knows;)
Thanks, hun:)

I think Adam will be jealous!! Yay!! I feel like there will be dueling Lambert when Adam finally comes around!! :-) Can't wait to read more!!

say no more, say no more:)lol

Love the update! Thought we were going to see a crack in Adam's mean exterior when Kris fixed him breakfast, but I'm kinda glad we didn't. I want to see change in him, but I'm fine with Adam taking time in getting there.

I'm liking Jeff so far. Nothing wrong with him being a friend to Kris, and maybe to Adam once Adam starts being a little nicer.

I'm definitely hooked on this one..and I can't wait to see what happens next. :)

I doubt one breakfast would change Adam's attitude towards Kris, maybe after 3 or 4...joke:)
I'm so glad you liked it.
Thanks for reading, babe:)

hope you update really soon :-)

I'll try,bb. and I'll try to make it a bit longer too:)
Thank you so much!

adam is such a jerk in this he needs to get over himself!!!! poor kris least it seems like he has a friend in jeff

yes he does:)
Thank you so much for reading!

UGH, damn internet. my first comment didn't get through...

anyway. . .

and I can't wait to find out what role Jeff will play in the story...

please make the next chapter come soon bb.
<3 *hugs*

I'll try to update soon, bb:)
You'll find more about Jeff in coming chapters.
Thank you, mwah!

'kay, so wondering if Adam is going to get jealous over Jeff befriending Kris or he'll get overly protective to make sure the 'mother' of his child doesn't get hurt

LOL ... didn't know if I should call Kris the 'mother' or 'father'

Deb <333

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