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Title: WHEN HE CRIES (6/?)
Author: imnotskerrd
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Kris Allen; Adam/Drake
Disclaimer: Not True.
Warning: Mpreg; Infidelity
Beta: The Amazing [info]becky43078(Thank you so much,bb. mwah!)
Summary:Kris always was a shy laid back kind of guy. He was strongly taught by his Parents and their Church back in Arkansas where he grew up about their Religious beliefs and values. He didn't have any problems following it, even moving to the City of Angels. Or that's what he thought. The night he bumped into famous Adam Lambert, a very wasted Adam Lambert, turned his life into 180 degrees.
Note: Kris was 21 in this story while Adam was 28. The title was stolen from a classic WHEN SHE CRIES

Thank you [info]youkeyh for the beautiful banner. I love you, bb:) mwah!

Three days later Kris moved in with Adam, his mother cried as she watched him pack his things. He could tell she wanted to tell him to stay but she wisely decided not to voice her concern.

Kris wasn't happy about moving in with Adam either but he would do anything for his child.  All he knew about Adam was what the tabloids said about him and the few times they had met after they had sex it proved to him that the tabloids were exactly right, he was an arrogant jerk who had no manners at all.

Adam was not there when he showed up at his house, Pam was the one who showed him around and settled him into his room. She left after an hour and he was alone in a house that was three times the size of the house his parents were renting, he felt so lost and small in Adam's house. He didn't know what to do with himself so he decided to wait for Adam to come home.

Kris woke up on the couch many hours later when he heard the front door slam shut, he immediately jumped up and before he could even make it out of the living room to see who it was Adam was standing in front of him.

"He-hey" Kris greeted him shyly.

Adam just stared at him with eyes that were filled with disgust, so much so that Kris' heart sank. He was hoping that they could live in peace and try to get along for the baby's sake. He realized he was wrong. Adam narrowed his eyes then left the room without a word.

The next day was no different. Kris like he always did woke up early and decided to make breakfast. He was stunned when he walked into the kitchen. It was huge and was so classy, half the appliances were complicated and the other half he had never seen before in his life. He was starving so he decided to make breakfast, he thought about making some for Adam as well. He wasn't sure what he liked or if he even ate in the morning. Kris decided to make it anyway and if Adam didn't like it he would eat it for him. His biggest problem was the coffeemaker, it was ridiculously big and complex so many of the button were in French, he tried to operate it anyway.

He was startled when he heard the scraping of the dining room chair on the hardwood floor. He looked up and tried not to smile when he saw Adam, his hair was a mess and going in twenty different directions.

"D-do you like breakfast? I made you a plate." Kris said as he took it out of the oven where he put it so it would stay warm.

Adam just stared at it and didn't say a word. Kris thought maybe he didn't like the sausage or eggs he made.

"Um, there is also toast. If you want that instead." Kris said hesitantly.

Adam continued to stare at it like he had never seen toast or egg before. Kris didn't know what to say or do and was about to take the food away when he was surprised by Adam's hand slamming down on the table.

"Oh my god!" Adam ran to the coffeemaker and unplugged it. "My coffeemaker! What the hell did you do to it? It's destroyed!!"

Kris was so stunned he couldn't move, the black cloud of smoke was coming from the machine and looked like it might have exploded had Adam not unplugged it.

"You are here for a day and you already broke something. Damn it!" Adam yelled and the look on his face scared Kris so much that he was trembling in the middle of the kitchen.

Kris decided to spend the day in his room  away from Adam and his temper. By late afternoon his stomach was growling and he needed to eat. He didn't want to go downstairs to have to deal with Adam but he had to eat regularly to make sure him and the baby stayed healthy.  Adam terrified him but he was starving and he couldn't wait any longer. When he made it to the kitchen he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Adam sitting at the table eating a sandwich. As soon as he saw Kris he gave him a dirty look then returned to eating his sandwich.

Kris wanted to run back to his room but his stomach growled again, he took a deep breath and walked slowly to the kitchen counter and opened the refrigerator looking for something that interested him. He finally settled on salad, fruit and a bottled water. He decided to eat out on the patio in the backyard. He refused to share a table with Adam who would only give him dirty looks and make him uncomfortable.

His stomach finally felt better when he finished his meal, he jumped when he heard the front door slam shut. He sighed in relief not having to deal with Adam the rest of the day, it was exhausting and stressful and that wasn't good for his baby.

He stayed on the patio for a long time, Adam had a beautiful garden filled with so many exotic plants. Kris knew he would spend hours out there enjoying the flowers and peace and quiet.

He was so lost in his thoughts that he jumped when someone opened the patio door. A tall man with long ginger hair walked out and looked at Kris, he had no idea who this man but he certainly was attractive.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I scare you?" The man asked.

Kris nodded and nervously asked "Who are you? Adam is not here." He wondered how this man got in the house and that Adam needed better security.

"It's okay. I'm Jeffrey Lambert, call me Jeff. I'm Adam's cousin. I hope someone mentioned to you that I would be living here as well." Jeff extended his hand, Kris accepted and shook it. "You must be Kris."

"Yeah, Kris Allen." He realized that this was who Adam was talking to his father on the phone the other day in Pam's office. He hoped that Jeff was nothing like his cousin because he couldn't deal with two rude Lamberts in the same house.

"You're my cousin's fiancée huh? Who would have thought that Adam would be tamed and finally settle down? He must be head over heels in love with you."

Kris blushed, how could he explain to Jeff that he was not Adam's boyfriend and he was not in love with him. He may be Adam's fiancée but he definitely did not tamed him. Adam hated his guts and only did this because he was having his baby. Jeff sat on the chair across from Kris and locked eyes with him.

"We, um, we are not, I mean he isn't in love with me." Kris stuttered. Kris didn't want to tell this man he just met his personal business but he knew he would eventually have no choice.

"You two are getting married, right?" Jeff asked. He was clearly confused and Kris couldn't really blame him. It was a lot to take in all at once.

Kris looked at him with sadness in his eyes "Yeah, for the sake of my baby and for his career."

Jeff nodded and quickly stood up. "Oh, um, well I guess I'll see you around." Jeff looked uncomfortable as he ran his fingers through his shoulder length wavy hair.

Kris thought Jeff and Adam had a lot of similarities. They had the same beautiful smile with a pearly white smile and the same eye color. He wasn't as tall as Adam but came pretty close.

"Um, Do you need help carrying your bags upstairs?" Kris asked.

"Oh, no. I moved in three days ago. My things are already settled in my room, but thanks anyway."

Jeff looked down for a moment and shyly asked "You want to eat? I can cook, I'm not really that good at it but I can make simple things. I would like to get to know my future cousin in law."

Kris's stomach growled at the prospect of more food. He nodded and went back into the kitchen. He thought maybe with Jeff staying with them things wouldn't be so bad. He was down to earth and easy going the total opposite of Adam.

"So Kris, what do you do?" Jeff asked as they sat at the kitchen table eating the tuna sandwich they prepared together. Kris had to admit Jeff made a good sandwich and his baby seemed to agree.

"I'm a college student. I just transferred from a college in Arkansas. I'm in my third year getting a degree in Business Administration. How about you?"

"Well I-I, um, I just got out of rehab." He looked down at his sandwich with a frown. "Hope it doesn't bother you living with a recovering addict."

Kris immediately grabbed his hand and squeezed it. He smiled at him. "No, of course it doesn't bother me. I hope it doesn't bother you that I am marrying Adam solely for the sake of my baby's future."

Jeff looked up and smiled at Kris. "I'm not in the position to judge anyone. Besides I feel like you are a really good man, Kris. You are making the best out of a bad situation."

Jeff paused and Kris arched an eyebrow waiting for him to continue. "Please don't be offended but I just need to know, is this Adam's baby?"

"Yes, it is."

Jeff nodded and they returned to eating there dinner in comfortable silence. After they ate they watched a ridiculous horror movie that had them laughing so hard tears were running down their face. Kris fell asleep the minute his head hit the pillow. It was the best night's sleep he had since the horrible night Adam Lambert came into his life. 

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adam is being such an asshole to kris. hope jeff can be a friend to kris and make this easier for him but I feel like he may be trouble :-)

This is just the beginning,bb:)
we'll see if Jeff brings trouble or not in later chaps.

I really want to slap Adam a few times to make him see what an ass he's being to Kris. I like Jeff so far...lets hope it stays that way. I'm so hooked on this my dear and I can't wait for the next chapter. More soon!!!

As I've always say, you might want to save the slapping for later chapters:)
Thanks for reading,bb:)

lol, Adam's gonna be so pissed when he sees that Kris and Jeff get along.
Also Adam is so much nicer when he is drunk, can you give him some Vodka?
I wonder what his deal is, do we find out?

of course we would eventually find out about Adam...and Jeff too:) I think he's just horny when he's drunk,lol
Thanks, babe:)

(Deleted comment)
I know it's really short, it would eventually get longer with coming chapters:)

''he must have had something bad happen to him along the way or he could just be a diva...''


Will Jeffrey Lambert be the apple of Kris' eye? He does have the good Lambert charm as well as smarts. Adam is such a freaking tool! He needs to man up and stop being a bitch!

or Kris could be the apple of Jeff's eyes? who knows;)
Thanks, hun:)

I think Adam will be jealous!! Yay!! I feel like there will be dueling Lambert when Adam finally comes around!! :-) Can't wait to read more!!

say no more, say no more:)lol

Love the update! Thought we were going to see a crack in Adam's mean exterior when Kris fixed him breakfast, but I'm kinda glad we didn't. I want to see change in him, but I'm fine with Adam taking time in getting there.

I'm liking Jeff so far. Nothing wrong with him being a friend to Kris, and maybe to Adam once Adam starts being a little nicer.

I'm definitely hooked on this one..and I can't wait to see what happens next. :)

I doubt one breakfast would change Adam's attitude towards Kris, maybe after 3 or 4...joke:)
I'm so glad you liked it.
Thanks for reading, babe:)

hope you update really soon :-)

I'll try,bb. and I'll try to make it a bit longer too:)
Thank you so much!

adam is such a jerk in this he needs to get over himself!!!! poor kris least it seems like he has a friend in jeff

yes he does:)
Thank you so much for reading!

UGH, damn internet. my first comment didn't get through...

anyway. . .

and I can't wait to find out what role Jeff will play in the story...

please make the next chapter come soon bb.
<3 *hugs*

I'll try to update soon, bb:)
You'll find more about Jeff in coming chapters.
Thank you, mwah!

'kay, so wondering if Adam is going to get jealous over Jeff befriending Kris or he'll get overly protective to make sure the 'mother' of his child doesn't get hurt

LOL ... didn't know if I should call Kris the 'mother' or 'father'

Deb <333

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