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that`s....wow....Adam is so arrogant and selfish. Calling Kris a "whore" when he`s the only one Kris has been with, and himself go around "playing" with other boys.
Poor Kris.

I can`t wait to see how this turns out :)
Thank you!

to quote Mrs. Allen ''rude, arrogant and no manners at all''
you're welcome bb. and Thank you too for taking time reading it:)

ohmygod bb, the angst... the scenes where he's accusing Kris of being a whore made me teary. And actually calling him in front of his family? damn...

Please make the next part come soon?

Maybe I should warn you with more angst coming soon, bb.
The next part is with my beta, I'll post it as soon as she sends it back to me. xoxo

omg, how much angst are we talking about here?

If I rate the Angst in my TOBY fic, I would give it a 5, I think. This one would be in 6 if not a bit higher:)

What?! TOBY was a 5? omfg, now I guess I have to prepare myself for the angst on this one...

:) The next one is up tomorrow,bb.

\o/ yay! I'll be so looking out for that. . .

and oh, I may or may not have a present for you... *grins*

please tell me you're doing what I think you're doing... now, I'm excited, bb:-) mwaah!

haha. what do you think I'm doing? lol
I'll post it later if I finish it. I'm not sure if its any good yet...

ohmigod, you're really doing it! You're making me excited! Don't be silly,I'm sure it would be awesome!

gonna hug you!

You know how I try to like to try to convey the story through imagery? Yeah, something like that... So I really really want to make it like that for this one. And when I finished it today (I tried to make it within an hour or two) I was like 'Is this good? Angsty enough? How do you make something like this angsty?!' so, yeah my brain is having problems doing this lmao

I don't know what to say to that,bb. I feel so overwhelmed.... THANK YOU SO MUCH:)


adam is being pretty nasty in this. poor kris.

yeah, Adam should be smack in the head, pretty hard.
Thank you:)

It amazes me how much of a hypocrite Adam can be. He called Kris a whore, yet he is the one who cheated on his boyfriend. And above all, he acts like he is the injured party in this whole situation.
None of them seems too keen on marriage, but it doesn't look like they have a choice. Kris' father is set on marrying them because Adam has slept with his son, and Adam's management wants him to marry Kris to clean his image. This probably going to get really messy. Can't wait to read more

Though he really wasn't convinced that Adam just get away with this, Kris' Dad sort of agree with Kim that marrying him to Adam would just causes more problem than solving it. He saw how Adam act around them, and how he was so rude and arrogant.
when the Allen left Adam's house, they all thought of leaving what had happened behind them.
Thank you so much, bb for taking time reading this:)xoxo

the end of the page always comes to soon!!

I'll try to make it longer soon. Thank you:)

It's ridicules how obsessed I am with this story, lol!! That means I love it!!!!

*I know we will eventually see Adam's good side :) I hope...

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*bites nail* I hope:)
I'm glad you're loving it, Thank you.

Adam is really mean in this...he needs to realize he was the whore!

let's see about that in coming weeks, bb.
Thank you so much!!

I don't like Adam's attitude! It is stank!

let's just hope Adam would realized what he was doing.
Thank you!

I didn't realize this part was up..lol
I'm still totally loving this and can't wait to read what happens next!

The next one would be up today. I'm so glad you liked it. Thank you!

kinda pissed at Adam and kinda have to keep going with this ...

next chapter has to be the last for tonight ...

Deb <333

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