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Title: WHEN HE CRIES (4/?)
Author: imnotskerrd
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Kris Allen; Adam/Drake
Disclaimer: Not True.
Warning: Mpreg
Beta: becky43078(Thank you so much,bb)
Summary:Kris always was a shy laid back kind of guy. He was strongly taught by his Parents and their Church back in Arkansas where he grew up about their Religious beliefs and values. He didn't have any problems following it,even moving to the City of Angels. Or that's what he thought. The night he bumped into famous Adam Lambert, a very wasted Adam Lambert, turned his life into 180 degrees.
Note: Kris was 21 in this story while Adam was 28. The title was stolen from a classic WHEN SHE CRIES

Adam was furious as he watched the boy slowly walk away from his car. He couldn't believe he was tricked again, the boy looked innocent enough but they all did before they sold their story to the tabloids.

As he pulled into his long drive and got out of his car he thought about the night before, he couldn't really remember a lot except that he fucked someone he shouldn't have. He was pissed at himself because now his face would be plastered all over every media outlet.

As he opened the door and walked into the foyer he saw his boyfriend Drake sitting on the couch drinking coffee. When he looked up Adam knew he was in trouble. Drake looked pissed.

"Where the hell have you been?"

Adam recalled that he was with Drake at the club and he left him there to fuck that whore.

"I'm sorry, babe. I must have been so wasted. I don't know how I got there but I slept in the car." Adam explained. He kind of felt bad that he was lying to his lover.

"I searched the fucking parking lot but your car wasn't there!" Drake yelled and stood with his hands on his hips.

Adam didn't really want to do deal with Drake all he wanted was to shower and sleep. It was a rare day off for him. No appointments, interviews and thankfully no recording. His voice was shot. He didn't want to argue. He wanted to fuck his boyfriend then sleep.

"I woke up a few miles away from the bar. I must have been so wasted, Honey. I'm so sorry for abandoning you. Let me make it up to you." As Adam was talking he walked up to Drake and started licking his neck. He smiled to himself when he felt Drake relax and offer his neck so Adam could lick it some more.

"Are you sure you didn't leave with someone?" Drake asked. His eyes fluttered close as Adam started to unbutton his shirt and lapped at his nipple.

"Yes baby I'm sure." Adam whispered before he licked his way into Drake's mouth capturing a moan as he stuck his tongue deep into his mouth. "I missed you. Bedroom?"

Drake nodded and they ran up the stairs as fast as they could. Adam never did take a shower. He fucked his boyfriend into the mattress then promptly fell asleep.

It was later in the morning when his cell phone started buzzing nonstop. He was so annoyed that he threw it against the wall. It was his day off, he didn't want to be bothered. He really wanted to punch someone when his manager Pam and his personal assistant Shirley barged into his bedroom without knocking.

"Rise and shine, Adam" Pam commanded.

"What the fuck is wrong with you??" Adam asked sounding extremely pissed off. He hated that she thought she had the right to just barge in his house like she owned it.

"Clean up and meet us in the living in five minutes." Pam ordered Adam.

"Make that a half hour" He said as he buried his head under the pillows.

"Get your ass downstairs in five minutes Adam. I mean it" with that she and Shirley left slamming the door behind them.

Drake rolled over and asked in a half asleep voice. "What was that about?"

"It was Pam, She is pissed about something." Adam said as he got out of bed.

"Why? What have you done now?" Drake asked.

Adam halted in his tracks at his boyfriend's question. His heart started to beat faster as he thought about last night. Fuck he was screwed!

When he came out of the bathroom he found Drake sitting on the bed tying his shoes looking just as pissed as Adam.  ‘Just wait until he hears about last night’ Adam thought to himself as they walked downstairs.

"What is this all about?" Drake asked as he watched the two ladies pace back and forth.

Pam didn't answer Drake but locked eyes with Adam before picking up the remote to his wide screen television and turning it on. They both turned to look even though Adam was sure he already knew what he would see.

"Holy fucking shit!" Adam yelled as he stared at the television, watching himself and the whore who sold him out, They both looked completely fucked out. TMZ was playing the clip over and over and it was pretty obvious what had happened.

"You fucking cheated on me!" Drake yelled, his eyes wide and face red.

"That wasn't my fault. That motherfucker planned this. He tipped off the media. He is a fucking whore. He just wanted money, baby. Please-"

"You lied to me!" Drake accused Adam.

"Like you never lied to me!" Adam retaliated.

"How dare you turn this around on me when you were just caught sticking your dick in another man's ass!" Drake was screaming at Adam not caring that they had guests.

"STOP!" Pam yelled. "You can continue this fight later. We need to talk about what to do now."

"I'm out of here" Drake said as he walked towards the door. Adam hurried behind him catching him by the arm to stop him.

"Honey please." Adam whispered.

Drake jerked his arm out of Adam's hold but Adam held on tighter. Adam looked at him with pleading eyes. He couldn't lose Drake over this shit. His heart broke when he saw the pain in his lover's eyes. He put that there.

"Please, don't let this shit break us. I love you and you know that, right?" Adam begged.

"You fucking cheated on me." Drake said with a hitch in his voice.

"He was a whore, a slut who does this shit for money. Please baby, I never meant to hurt you. Please, stay with me. This shit will blow over soon, it will fade away in a week. Don't let that whore win by breaking up with me. You are letting him win. Please, Drake. I love you."

Adam was begging Drake and it was so unlike him to beg anyone for anything but he loved him more than words and he couldn't lose him. He'd swallow his pride. Adam leaned forward and kissed him tenderly. He wanted to put all the love he felt into that kiss. He needed Drake to believe him.

"Can we talk about this now, Adam?" Pam asked with irritation in her voice as she stood watching them from the living room door.

Adam broke the kiss and looked at his boy and said "Are we okay?"

Drake nodded hesitantly. He wasn't sure but he was willing to work it out.

"Thank god! Now bring your ass in here. We need to talk about this."  Pam said as she turned around expecting the boys to follow her.

Pam explained that the videos and pictures had gone viral and his management was pissed. Adam was no stranger to scandals and because of that his every move was scrutinized and picked apart. His recent scandal was a video of him stripping in a gay club before that was a picture of him with two twinks licking his chest and neck at a Lady Gaga concert. Drake had freaked out about that but he calmed down after he found out who the twinks were and they did not have sex with his boyfriend. There were countless other scandals under Adam's belt some were true while others were blown out of proportion by the media.

His management was not surprised by this latest scandal but what was a big deal was that this officially made him a cheater in his fans eyes. This needed to be handled and handled quickly or he could lose his older female fans who basically got him to where he was now in his career. He was labeled a bad role model. Adam needed to change that perception and change it quickly.

"What are you trying to tell me, Pam?" He asked "Am I not allowed to have fun now? What are you people trying to do to me?"

"Adam, we don't want you to stop having fun, You just need to lie low. Everyone thinks you are a cheater." Shirley explained. She was much more composed than Pam as she tried to get through to Adam.

"But I am NOT a cheater!!" Three pairs of eyes looked at him with raised eyebrows. "Okay well, except last night. I was drunk, I didn't know what I was doing and that bastard took advantage of the situation."

"Whatever happened last night we cannot change it." Pam continued. "People already saw the video and pictures, they saw you cheating again. Those people don't know you or what is really going on with you. They tend to believe whatever they read in the tabloids."

"I don't care what other people think. This is my life and management cannot tell me what to do with it." Adam stubbornly said.

"You are freaking out and I haven't even told you what management has dec-" Pam was interrupted by the doorbell ringing repeatedly. "Are you expecting a visitor?"

Adam shook his head and looked at Drake who still looked so pissed. Drake shook his head no and sat down. Shirley ran to get the door before she had opened it completely they heard a man's angry voice demanding to see Adam Lambert.

They heard Shirley try to calm the man but he continued to demand to talk to Adam. Adam, Pam and Drake ran to the foyer afraid the man would hurt Shirley.

"What is going on?" Adam asked. Shirley moved to the side and Adam saw a man who looked so angry that he was at first taken aback. Adam did not recognize the man and wondered what he had done to him. He also wondered how he got past his security.

"Who are you? What do you want?"
The man stood up straight but he still had to look up to look Adam in the eyes.

"We are here to tell you that you can't get away with what you did to Kristopher! How dare you humiliate my son, to coax him into doing something so sinful. You can't do that then dump him. He was pure and you tainted him."

The man's face was scarlet red from screaming and Adam was so confused as to who this was and he was not in the mood to deal with another attention whore.

Adam took a breath to calm himself and then said "Excuse me, Mr. ?"

"Neil Allen"

"Mr. Allen, I'm afraid I don't have any idea what you are talking about" Adam tried to be polite but he was quickly losing his patience. "Now I'm sorry I have a crisis on my hands right now and I can't deal wit-"

Neal immediately interrupted and yelled "Don't you dare throw us out. Kristopher, get in here."

Adam watched as three people made their way into the foyer. He realized one of them was the whore. Adam groaned in disgust as he watched the whore's nervous face. Adam didn't care what his name was in his mind he was a whore and didn't deserve a name. The whore would not meet Adam's eyes and looked at his worn out converse.

Adam's anger spilled out at seeing Kris and his horrible acting. "Oh, what do you need now? More money? You brought your family? For what? You aren't innocent, you are a fucking whore!" He yelled.

Adam was stunned when he felt the sting of a slap across his face. He assumed it was the whore's mother. She was so angry that she raised her hand to slap him across the face again but Adam grabbed it before she could land the blow.

"Don't you dare talk to my Kristopher like that! He is no whore! You corrupted him last night and you should take responsibility  for it." Kris's mom yelled as she got in his face almost touching Adam's nose with hers.

Adam stepped back and tried to remain calm as he said "Excuse me, Ma'am, but I did not corrupt anyone. He should take the blame for this. He sold me out to the media."

"This is the man you gave yourself to, Kris?" Mr. Allen said with sadness in his voice.

"Dad, I told you this was a bad idea. Please don't embarrass me anymore." Kris pleaded even as he refused to look up at anyone in the room.

"Kris, he needs to be a man and be responsible for what he did and for you. I thought we taught you that?" Neil asked.

"Excuse me, Mr. Allen" When the older man looked up Adam continued "Why don't you listen to Kristopher? I mean, people have one night stands all the time. No big deal. If you'll excuse me, I need to deal with this "scandal" ‘’ Adam air quoted scandal and started to turn his back but before he could take a step someone punched him in the jaw.

"What the fuck!" Adam screamed as he rubbed his jaw.

As he wiped the blood off his lip he glared at the younger man and thought that this family was a bunch of crazy lunatics. What the hell did he get himself into?

"Don't you turn your back on my parents when they are speaking to you. You asshole." The guy said with as much anger in his voice as he could muster.

‘’Daniel, language!" Mr. Allen told his other son. "You better man up Mr. Lambert, you don't have a choice."

"Adam, Why don't you give them what they want? This getting ridiculous." Drake spoke up from behind Adam. He looked pissed and extremely hurt standing in a room with the whore his boyfriend slept with the night before.

Adam looked at the Allens in the eyes except for Kris who was still fascinated with his shoes.

"What do you want? If it's money, no problem just name your price. Shirley give them what they want and show them the way out." Adam ordered and turned to walk away.

He heard Mrs. Allen gasp and Mr. Allen yelled at him "We don't need your money, young man!" He was seconds away from punching Adam in the face.

"What the hell do you want then?" Adam asked incredulously.

"You need to marry my son." Neil ordered.

"WHAT?" Adam and Drake both shouted. "This is ridiculous. It was a one night stand, nothing more."

"Adam..." Pam interrupted. Adam did not hear her at first because he was in shock at the Allens demand. "Adam" Pam said again.

"WHAT?" Adam screamed. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw Kris jump at his tone.

"Good" Adam thought. He wanted him to feel scared and nervous about him.

"I want to tell you the management’s decision" She started to say.

Adam couldn't believe her. She wanted to talk about that in front of these lunatics?

"Pam, can't this wait? These people are blackmailing me! You want to talk about my plans in front of them." he was so exhausted, all he wanted was to go to bed and hold Drake.

"Actually no, this can't wait."

"Fine go ahead." Adam threw up his hands in surrender. He wanted this to be over as soon as possible.

"Management has decided you should marry this young man. People were on their way to find him but now that they are he-"

"WHAT?" Adam and Drake yelled again.

"Fuck this, Adam. I'm leaving." Drake yelled turning on his heels.

"Not again." Pam threw up her hands as they watched Drake walk out the door with Adam chasing after him. He was begging Drake not to leave again.

"I think we should get comfortable in the living room. It will take awhile for them to kiss and make up."  Shirley said.

Nearly 15 minutes later Adam and Drake walked back into the room holding hands. Adam's eyes were full of rage when he spoke.

‘’I will NOT marry him." Adam sternly said.

"Adam, this is good for you. We need for you to be seen with him exclusively for six months. It will only be until people stop thinking of you as a player and a cheater." Pam tried to explain.

"No. They can drop me from the label if they want. I won't do it." Adam yelled again.

"What? Marriage is for a lifetime not six months.  This was so embarrassing to our family. We are humiliated. My son's picture is plastered all over the country and Kristopher has given himself to you. You do not have a choice Mr. Lambert. It's Kristopher's reputation at stake here." Mr. Allen said as he again had a red face from his anger.

"Dad, please don't do this. I told you it was my fault not Adam's. I am the one to blame. He was drunk and I wasn't, I could have said no, but I kind of... kind of wanted to be with him." Kristopher said shyly. His head was still down as he played with the small hole in his jeans. His mother moved closer to him, hugging him sideways as she silently started to cry.

Kris continued to talk as his mother held him "I-I didn't stop him, I let him do whatever he wanted to me. Dad, please listen to me. Don't make his life more complicated than it already is."

"Neil, Kris is right and besides I don't feel safe having him be married to this man. We are humiliated, Kris' reputation and purity was tainted but we will only be making it worse having Kris marry him. My Krissy would be hurt. He is so rude, arrogant and has no manners at all." Mrs. Allen in between sobs. Her heart broke for her eldest son.

"Well, thank you so very much. That was flattering." Adam said sarcastically.

"Let's go." Mr. Allen said as he got up to walk out the door.

Adam could clearly see the disappointment and sadness in his eyes. He didn't understand why, who forced their child to marry someone just because they had sex one time? He didn't think there were still people who did that.

"So what? I was the whore's first. It's not that big of a deal" Adam thought.

The Allens left quickly and quietly, Adam sighed and pulled on Drake's arm to have him sit on the couch with him. Feeling relieved the drama was over he looked at Pam and told her the decision was final and to never bring it up again.

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that` is so arrogant and selfish. Calling Kris a "whore" when he`s the only one Kris has been with, and himself go around "playing" with other boys.
Poor Kris.

I can`t wait to see how this turns out :)
Thank you!

to quote Mrs. Allen ''rude, arrogant and no manners at all''
you're welcome bb. and Thank you too for taking time reading it:)

ohmygod bb, the angst... the scenes where he's accusing Kris of being a whore made me teary. And actually calling him in front of his family? damn...

Please make the next part come soon?

Maybe I should warn you with more angst coming soon, bb.
The next part is with my beta, I'll post it as soon as she sends it back to me. xoxo

omg, how much angst are we talking about here?

If I rate the Angst in my TOBY fic, I would give it a 5, I think. This one would be in 6 if not a bit higher:)

What?! TOBY was a 5? omfg, now I guess I have to prepare myself for the angst on this one...

:) The next one is up tomorrow,bb.

\o/ yay! I'll be so looking out for that. . .

and oh, I may or may not have a present for you... *grins*

please tell me you're doing what I think you're doing... now, I'm excited, bb:-) mwaah!

haha. what do you think I'm doing? lol
I'll post it later if I finish it. I'm not sure if its any good yet...

ohmigod, you're really doing it! You're making me excited! Don't be silly,I'm sure it would be awesome!

gonna hug you!

You know how I try to like to try to convey the story through imagery? Yeah, something like that... So I really really want to make it like that for this one. And when I finished it today (I tried to make it within an hour or two) I was like 'Is this good? Angsty enough? How do you make something like this angsty?!' so, yeah my brain is having problems doing this lmao

I don't know what to say to that,bb. I feel so overwhelmed.... THANK YOU SO MUCH:)


adam is being pretty nasty in this. poor kris.

yeah, Adam should be smack in the head, pretty hard.
Thank you:)

It amazes me how much of a hypocrite Adam can be. He called Kris a whore, yet he is the one who cheated on his boyfriend. And above all, he acts like he is the injured party in this whole situation.
None of them seems too keen on marriage, but it doesn't look like they have a choice. Kris' father is set on marrying them because Adam has slept with his son, and Adam's management wants him to marry Kris to clean his image. This probably going to get really messy. Can't wait to read more

Though he really wasn't convinced that Adam just get away with this, Kris' Dad sort of agree with Kim that marrying him to Adam would just causes more problem than solving it. He saw how Adam act around them, and how he was so rude and arrogant.
when the Allen left Adam's house, they all thought of leaving what had happened behind them.
Thank you so much, bb for taking time reading this:)xoxo

the end of the page always comes to soon!!

I'll try to make it longer soon. Thank you:)

(Deleted comment)
*bites nail* I hope:)
I'm glad you're loving it, Thank you.

Adam is really mean in this...he needs to realize he was the whore!

let's see about that in coming weeks, bb.
Thank you so much!!

I don't like Adam's attitude! It is stank!

let's just hope Adam would realized what he was doing.
Thank you!

I didn't realize this part was
I'm still totally loving this and can't wait to read what happens next!

The next one would be up today. I'm so glad you liked it. Thank you!

kinda pissed at Adam and kinda have to keep going with this ...

next chapter has to be the last for tonight ...

Deb <333

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